About Me

I always say that everyone has a story worth telling.  Yet, somehow when it comes to myself I feel that I am rather unremarkable.  However, I will try and convey some of my character as best as I can.

I am a mother of one and granny to two, and for some reason I am referred to by my grandchildren as Crazy granny Anna!  

I have arguably dubious taste in music, (Bay City Rollers being my favourite since I was a teenager).  I also love the work of Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott.  

In the past I have worked in the hospitality industry, as well as in the elderly care sector.  I have also worked in offices.   Recently however, I realised that throughout my life, I had always just “fallen” into jobs.  If I had any dreams or aspirations at all as a child, it was to be a Tiller Girl (google search if you have no idea what this is) but sadly, neither my physical build, nor my level of co-ordination were compatible with that ambition.  So, as I approached my senior(ish) years, I made the decision to spend what was left of my life doing something that I found to be both enjoyable and rewarding.  

I can think of nothing that meets those requirements more than being a Celebrant with the Caledonian Humanist Association.  Being able play a small part in the marking of major life events, whether it is a marriage or the loss of a loved one is truly humbling and is without exception an absolute privilege.

To discuss any of the services I offer or to find out a little more please do not hesitate to contact me.

Celebrant for all your Weddings and Events