Humanist Marriages have been legal within Scotland since 2005, and they have been increasing in numbers year on year since that time.

As a Celebrant with the Caledonian Humanist Association, I am authorised by the Registrar General of Scotland to conduct legal weddings and civil partnerships.  

A Humanist marriage ceremony is based around the couple, and their relationship, honouring their story, their love for each other and the support of those closest to them.  Each story will be unique, created as it is to celebrate the couples journey, from their first meeting, to their “I Do’s!” and into the future together.

What will my ceremony be like?

Well, up to a point, that is entirely up to you.    There are certain legal requirements that must be observed, but other than that, there is scope for flexibility and creativeness in a Humanist ceremony so that you are assured of a day to remember.

A bit like snowflakes, no two ceremonies will be entirely the same.  But as a guide, here are some of the things your day may include

•   Arrival of the bride and attendants – introducing the main players   •

•   A brief statement about why we are gathered – the importance of the day, and why you have chosen a Humanist ceremony   •

•   Perhaps a reading (or two) from a friend or family member   •

•   Acknowledging the things that each of you love most about the other   •

•   Your story, your meeting, what led you to this point, the proposal, and your aspirations for your future   •

•   Vows and promises   •

•   LEGAL DECLARATIONS – – the part where you officially accept each other before myself and your witnesses   •

•   The exchanging of wedding rings   •

•   Signing the marriage schedule, with your appointed witnesses   •

•   My closing words, and well-wishing for your future   •

•   Grand exit – as a couple united   •


I am authorised by the Registrar General to conduct ceremonies anywhere that is deemed to be “safe and dignified”.  Similarly, you may not know that you can be married at any time of the day – or night!  If your heart is set on taking your vows at the stroke of midnight on the beach, or in a valley, I would be happy to talk with you about it.  Wherever and whenever your ceremony takes place, be assured, it is legal, and has the same status as weddings or civil partnerships conducted by religious celebrants or Registrars.

All Caledonian Humanist celebrants have undergone training, have access to on-going support, are regulated, insured, and have committed to adhere to a code of conduct.  You should find your experience to be of the high standard you would expect from a professional organisation.  


2023/23 – £450

Note that the Registrar will also charge an administration fee for processing your marriage schedules (M10 forms).

The wedding fee includes an allowance of up to 50 miles of travel.  Travel beyond that distance is chargeable at 50p per mile.

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